Monday, October 8, 2012

SmartMomma "Parenthood made simple"

Last week I posted a blog about what I consider to be baby registry must-haves, so I thought it was only appropriate to highlight a local baby store this week.  SmartMomma is known by many in the Raleigh area as a super cute baby store where you can find really unique gifts.  But, it is so much more than that.  Yes, they do carry incredible merchandise but they also offer one-on-one registry design- at no cost!  If you are looking for help with your baby registry you can set up a registry consult with Raleigh Baby Planner so we can do a lifestyle assessment to decide what gear you need and don't need.  Then you can head over to SmartMomma where the gear experts will help you decide among the different brands, colors, and styles to create a registry unique to your needs.  They also offer a huge variety of classes for every stage of pregnancy and parenthood.  In fact Raleigh Baby Planner teaches two workshops a month at SmartMomma- writing a birth plan and developing a postpartum plan.  Check out the interview below from SmartMomma owner Heather Burns to learn more about the store and what they have to offer.

What inspired you to open Smart Momma and how did you come up with the name? 
"I was one of those moms that researched everything when I got pregnant with my first child.  I was also the one in the office that loved to buy the baby gifts for everyone.  I love the excitement of pregnancy and the birth of something (or someone) new.  I wanted to help new moms find the best and most useful products for them, and help them cut through all the clutter out there.  I came up with the name, because I wanted to help a new mom become a SmartMomma.  A SmartMomma is educated about pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and that is also why we do so many classes, in addition to selling smart products."

 What services do you provide for you customers- what makes you different from the average baby superstore? 
"As I mentioned, we have tons of classes for pregnancy, baby, and toddler.  We also work personally with the new parent, guiding them and asking them questions about their own lifestyle to help them choose the best product for them.  We frequently demo strollers, car seats, and baby carriers, and offer that personal shopping experience without the high price tag.  We also make it simple for the parent, by only carrying those products we truly believe are good quality AND useful."

Tell us a little about your registry services. 
"Our registry is completely online OR can be done in the store.  We encourage you and your partner to make an appointment with us, so that you have our undivided attention.  We will walk the aisles with you to help you select what is best for your lifestyle.  What we don’t do is leave you guessing on what to add to your registry.  If you would rather do it on your own, you are also welcome to do that, but what people really love about our store is the personal service they get when they register.  We offer free shipping over $50, free in-store pickup if you order online.  Also, we have a rewards program where for every $500 you spend with us, you get a $40 store credit reward.  This applies to registry purchases from your friends & family too!"

What are your top-five ‘must-haves’ for a registry?
"Infant Car seat, baby sling or carrier, stroller, diaper bag, and a high quality mattress"

What are you seeing as the latest trends in baby gear and products? 
"In car seats, it’s all about safety.  There are some exciting innovative products coming out that feature crumple technology and high quality memory foam seating.  In strollers, its all about easy folding, the opportunity to add double seating, and stability.  As for furniture, it seems that simple is making a comeback.  Also seeing a lot of gray for decorating nurseries."

 What advice can you give working Moms like yourself- juggling family and career? 
"When you come home, be present for your kids.  As soon as I get home, I find myself wanting to get on my tablet or smartphone, and I have to make myself stop and enjoy my children.  Time goes so fast, and I can’t believe my first baby is nine.  I didn’t believe it would happen so fast when I had my first child, but they don’t stay babies for very long.  I now have my third (and last) baby.  She is 9 months old and I am trying to cherish every moment with her as a baby, because I know it is fleeting."


Fun Facts

Favorite Food/Restaurant- Sushi and Pizza
Favorite Way to Relax- Snuggling on the couch with my kids
Favorite Vacation Spot- Without kids: Jamaica,  With Kids:  Holden Beach
Favorite Song or Band- Coldplay & Katie Perry right now
Favorite Book- The Hunger Games
Heather, thank you so much for sharing with us!  Smart Momma lives up to their motto- "Parenthood made simple."  They are a one stop shop where you can find great education about pregnancy, babies, and parenting; you can design your dream nursery; or you can set up a customized baby registry.  And on top of all that they have a great staff who are wonderful to work with.  To learn more about the store's merchandise or class offerings visit Smart Momma's website.
Smart Momma
8601-A Glenwood Ave.  Raleigh, NC 27617
Stay tuned for the next blog post- Registry Must-not-haves!


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