Thursday, August 9, 2012

MasonDee Photography

So, as I mentioned I want to use this blog to feature local businesses in the maternity/baby industry.  I think it is very fitting that my first feature business is MasonDee Photography!  Katie, owner of MasonDee, is not only a friend but she has also photographed my family and provided all the beautiful images you will find on my website, Facebook page, and marketing materials. 

As a mom of two small children I am constantly taking pictures but for the thousands I have taken I only have a handful that are really great shots.  It is amazing that Katie can capture perfect images of babies, children, and families using only her camera and natural light.  Katie's work allows families to have beautiful pieces of art showcasing the precious yet fleeting moments in their lives.

What inspired you to become a photographer and start your own business?

"I have always loved photography.  I remember being really little and running around with a small point and shoot camera, but I got serious about photography when I studied it in college and became photo editor of the school newspaper at Virginia Tech.  When I became a teacher, I was able to pass along my love of photography to my high school students by teaching classes like yearbook and journalism.  I think that I was able to take my hobby to the next level after I had my little girl, Finn.  This is when I fully developed my own style as I was taking pictures constantly. I'm still learning all the time! People kept asking me to photograph their families, and the business slowly evolved from there!"

 How did you come up with the name “MasonDee” Photography?

"Most people name their photography businesses after themselves.  I knew I wanted to do something a little different, and my first loves, prior to Finn, were my dogs: Dixie and Mason. We've lost them over the last few years, so it was the perfect way for me to honor them."

What are you favorite sessions- newborns, families, maternity, etc.?

"Outdoor family sessions are so much fun!  I especially love to photograph siblings-  it's great to watch brothers and sisters interact, and the spontaneity of what can happen during these shoots usually makes for wonderful photos."

What tips or pointers can you give parents on capturing great photos of their little ones?

"Don't be afraid to shoot from different angles-  get on the floor with your kids while they're playing, or stand and shoot from above. Not all photos have to be “staged” or have smiling children in them.  Try to think about what you'll want to remember about your life when your babies are grown- it's the day to day “stuff” that goes by so quickly-  so photograph  it!  If at all possible, try to shoot where there is nice natural light so you can avoid using a flash; a flash can cause harsh light in your photos.  And shoot as much as you can!  I think that the more you use your camera, the more comfortable you become with it, and you'll only continue to get better."

What advice can you give to other woman like yourself who juggle running their own business, being a mom and a wife?

"I'm still trying to figure this out for myself... No matter what, my family is my priority, but I do catch myself feeling distracted with business issues a lot of the time.  I have a very supportive group of friends, and my husband is behind me100%.  Figuring out your time management and asking for help along the way are two things that might make life a bit easier."

Fun Favorites...
Favorite Food or Restaurant:  Italian all the way!  
Favorite Vacation Spot:  The Chesapeake Bay or Boothbay Harbor, Maine 
Favorite Way to Relax:  Running, Yoga, and Photography
Favorite Color:  yellow- reminds me of sunshine
Favorite Singer/Band- Old school: I am a huge Beatles fan.  These days I'm loving the Avett Brothers out of Concord, North Carolina- fun bluegrass!   

Ok, couldn't resist adding in a couple she took of my kids...

To contact Katie and view more of her work visit

Katie, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

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