Monday, August 6, 2012


Raleigh Baby Planner has joined the blogging world!  This blog is designed to be a fun yet informative site for everything related to pregnancy and baby.  Although, I will feature a lot of advice and suggestions on particular topics or products, none of the information provided should be seen as a substitute for your own research.  Also, although I hold degrees in the medical field, none of the information provided in this blog should be interpreted as medical diagnosis or advice.  If you or your child are having a medical issue you should always consult your healthcare provider.  Ugh, now that I got the legal stuff out of the way let's talk about what you will find here.

I want to use this blog to introduce you to local businesses that are in the maternity and baby industry.  I will be featuring interviews a couple times a month, so you can become familiar with all the services and talent out there.  If you know of a business you would like to see featured definitely let me know!  I will also post about 'hot topics' in the world of pregnancy and baby.  Again, if there are topics or products that you would like to learn more about just send me a message!

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